Welcome to OnefootballBlog!


Hello, and welcome to my football blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to Thank you for visiting. I’m well aware that there are many other things you could be doing at this particular time and I certainly don’t take that for granted 🙂

The main reason I’ve decided to start a personal blog is my ever growing passion for the sport. I’ve loved football for as long as I can remember, and, as the years have progressed, simple views have grown to deep analysis, and it is my personal pleasure to share a totally objective and unbiased opinion on many of the game’s hottest topics; opinions that have been helped in no small part by a keen attention to game detail that borders on the obsessive.

I’m starting with a few basic posts, but I have loads of exciting ideas, and I hope to have you by my side as I regularly add new, interesting content via text and media.

Your feedback is wanted and I can be reached at my published G-mail account. Comments on the blog posts are also welcome and wanted. Don’t be shy, and please keep it clean 🙂

Thanks again, and welcome to ONEFOOTBALL!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to OnefootballBlog!

  1. K Gibbs

    Happy looking forward to reading your objective take on the world of football. I assume that your your focus will be on the top European leagues but will you have any MLS features?

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